About Us

IGEM (Industry-Government Environmental Meta-database) is a collaboration between the Oil and Gas Industry and Government-funded organisations. Its primary goal is to enable the sharing of marine-based studies between government, industry and other stakeholders in a metadatabase format. It provides members the ability to enter, view and filter metadata and export results to a report. Currently IGEM covers the marine environment between the Abrolhos Islands and the Timor Sea, out to the Australia’s EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone).

The aim of IGEM is to promote and understand what marine studies have been completed; by whom and when. Its long-term goal is to avoid overlap in data collection and facilitate the sharing of datasets and knowledge amongst industry and government for the benefit of all marine users and long-term management of Australia’s marine estate.

A steering committee of founding members oversees the governance arrangements for IGEM. If you would like to learn more or contribute to IGEM, please contact info@igem.com.au